CCCEPA Student Accounts

What are student account monies?

These are monies that students earn by selling plants, cheesecakes, poinsettias, and wreaths. When a student takes advantage of a sales event, the student receives all of the proceeds from his/her personal sales. These proceeds are tracked in an account for the student by the PAPA treasurer. There is a high potential for earnings, as approximately 30 – 40% of the cost of each item sold comes back to the student’s account.


What can student account monies be used for?

Student account monies have always been available for CCCEPA purchases, such as:

  • Starclapper dance wear*
  • Starclapper spirit wear*
  • CCCEPA trips*
  • CCCEPA t-shirts*
  • CCCEPA student fees*
  • Dance wear not available in the CCCEPA dance wear store (i.e. shoes, undergarments, etc.)**
  • General PHS school expenses (i.e. class dues, yearbooks, graduation expenses, etc.)**
  • GAVS and CVA online courses**
  • Tickets for family to attend CCCEPA dance concerts, vocal concerts drama or musical productions*
  • Travel Expenses for college auditions (non-CCCEPA organized trips)**


How does a student request monies for a purchase?

If the expense is CCCEPA* – fill out a PAPA payment envelope.  Due to COVID-19 envelopes cannot be turned in at the school. Please fill out the CCCEPA Payment Form and email it to  CCCEPA Payment Form

If the expense is other than (outside vendor)** a CCCEPA expense:

The student or student’s parent/guardian contacts the PAPA treasurer via email –

1. State the item to be purchased (i.e. ballet shoes, online course, etc.) and vendor (i.e. DanceMax, CVA, etc.)

2. State the cost of the item.
(The treasurer will respond with confirmation that the purchase is or is not within expenditure parameters and that the funds are available in the student’s account.)


How can payments be made for outside vendors**?

After the student receives confirmation from the PAPA treasurer that a purchase can be made with student account monies, the PAPA treasurer will disburse payment in one of two ways:

  1. Reimbursed payment. The student makes the purchase, submits it to the PAPA treasurer via a CCCEPA payment envelope, and PAPA reimburses the student via check.
  1. Direct payment. PAPA makes payment directly to the vendor or disburses a check made payable to the vendor.


How much time will it take?

Using student account monies requires a short processing time. A student needs to allow for a one to two week turn around, from start (contacting the PAPA treasurer for confirmation) to end (payment being disbursed)

*Please note that funds are only available to be used by students currently enrolled in the program.  If students transfer or graduate before using their account funds then the funds go into the PAPA General Fund for that school year.*