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The Cobb County Center for Excellence in the Performing Arts at Pebblebrook High School seeks to develop and nurture talented, accomplished and intellectually engaged young artists for successful careers or avocations in the performing arts through an accelerated curriculum in dance, drama, vocal music and technical theatre, while maintaining high academic achievement. There are many ways you can support the students and programming at CCCEPA.

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2019-2020 CCCEPA STAR SUPPORTERS (As of 1/1/20)

Supernova ($1,000)
Andrew & Elizabeth Bou, In Honor of Mary Bou, Class of 2021
Sean & Connie Cameron, In Honor of Elizabeth Cameron, Class of 2019, & Colleen Cameron, Class of 2022
Adgate and Dargan Cole in honor of Dargan Cole
Sue & Scott Cole, In Honor of Dargan Cole, Class of 2021
Education Planners
Leadership Cobb, On Behalf of Elizabeth Weaver, 2019 Wyman Pilcher, Jr. Memorial Grant
The Tyler Family

Luminous Star ($750)
With profound gratitude and love, we remember Betty Fountain Escoe
Chuck & Jackie Gann, In Honor of Allison Gann, Class of 2020

Heavenly Star ($500)
Anonymous (2)
In Honor of all who have enriched Bryce Elliot’s journey
Neill Faucett, In Honor of Lillie Bering, Class of 2021
Angie & Robert Fowler, In Honor of Emily Fowler, Class of 2022
Stacy & Steve Fox, In Honor of Max Chambers
The Game Family
Nancy & Sims Harmon
Larry & Cindy Higdon, In Honor of Edwin & Sarah Timmerman
Joeann M. Hopmeier, Honoring Holly Parker, Class of 2020
Frank & Sheree Kren
Forrest & Kit Robertson, In Honor of Elizabeth Robertson
Jana & John Ruest, In honor of Amelia Ruest, Class of 2023
Marci & Brent Suddeth, In Honor of Shayna Suddeth, Class of 2023
Janice & Edward Tetterton, On behalf of Shayna Suddeth, Class of 2023
Peggy & Gary Van Hemert, In Honor of Allie Lord, Class of 2023

Celestial Star ($250)
Anonymous (2)
Scot & Nancy Chambers
Terry Chandler
David & Julie DeMerchant
Don & Rita Edwards
Melanie & Peter Faser
First Presbyterian Church, Highlands, North Carolina
Teri Hansen, In Honor of Rachel Hansen, Class of 2018
Kimberly Harrell
Miss Cobb County Scholarship Competition
Ann & Darren Parker, In Honor of Holly Parker, Class of 2020
David & Deeshia Partin, In Honor of Chase Partin, Class of 2021
Zinta Perkins
Carolyn Perry, In Honor of Ryley Perry, Class of 2020
Jason & Stacy Remaley
Edwin & Sarah Timmerman
Frank Timmerman
Yardy & Barbara Williams

Radiant Star ($100)
Anonymous (2)
Paulette Allard & Belinda Smith, In Honor of Colleen Allard-Smith, Class of 2021
Robert, Larisa & Mandi Bagley, In Honor of FaithAnn Bagley, Class of 2020
Heidi Boring, In Honor of Lillie Boring, Class of 2021
Stan Borkowski, In Honor of Chloe (2020) and Abigail (2017) Remaley
The Brante Family
Holly Brazee
Ashley Bunkley
JT Butler and Class of 2016
CCCEPA Dance Department and Denise Reeves, in honor of Max Chambers
Elaine & Ray Dunbar, In Honor Jayson Negron, Class of 2022
Heather Edens, In Honor of Faye Edens, Class of 2023
Reki Mae Garland, In Honor of Alexandria Garland, Class of 2015
Reki Mae Garland, In Honor of Charlie Garland, III, Class of 2016
Marcia Goldstein & John Sherwin in Honor of the CCCEPA Faculty
Marcia Goldstein & John Sherwin in Loving Memory of Max Chambers
Marcia Goldstein & John Sherwin in Loving Memory of Katie Grant Shalin
Ernestina Green, In Honor of Naomi Green, Class of 2020
Allene & Ceegie Haugabook
Tracey Hudson, In Honor of Adelaide Hudson, Class of 2020
Vera Ilyushina
Peter & Maria Iwasiw, In Honor of our Granddaughter FaithAnn Bagley, Class of 2020
Debra Lee
Michelle McGlamery & Brian McGlamery, In Honor of Everett McGlamery
Allen & Marilyn Newsome
Christopher Seay, CCCEPA Class of 1986
Greg & Jennifer Wilkes

Brilliant Star ($50)
Patrice & Lyn Arnold
Tom & Glenda Bell
Tiffany & Jeff Boykins, In Honor of Julia Boykins, Class of 2023 & Kayla Boykins, Class of 2015
Stacey & Camden Carpenter, In Honor of Ethan Carpenter, Class of 2020
Judi & Paul Clark
Sharon Edwards
Tami & Dan Gallagher
Kathy Gleeson
Elizabeth Grant
Judy & Larry Hansard
Mark & Pat Jackson, In Honor of Molly Jackson
Mandi Parker Jones
Jennifer Landers
Mary Ann Landers
Ellen & Jeff Lewandowski
Lynda McKee
Sharon & Steve Menear
Donald Murphy, In Honor of Joseph Lattanzi
Chris Orr, Class of 1991
Martin Holley Overstreet
Barbara Lesher Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Peddie, In Honor of Matthew Peddie Class of 2017
Wendell & Lauren Poole
Jeanna & Chris Terry

Shining Star (up to $49)
Dawn Allison-Ruiz
Katurah Barr
Vicki Branks
Eunice Brown-Flanigan
Candice Noble Goldman
Cassandra Grove
Erica Mack Hill
Marcus Hill
KJ Hippensteel
Theresa Jasper
Saul Lucio
Carter McPherson
Karrine Morgan, In Honor of Karré Morgan
Melanie Olivares
Joyce Oscar
Daniel Parker, In Honor of the Technical Theatre Class of 2020
Daniel Patillo
Kerry & Nancy Pietrzak
Cayla Primous
Candace Ray
Robin Romick
Ana G. Robles & S. Francisco Sanchez
Mikhiela T. Sherrod
Jessica Simons
Karen Staker
Jane & Bill Swanson
Mary Ellen & Bill Tighe
Miriam Timmerman
Jennie Davis Vouard
Sandra Weston