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Due to the unique nature of the CCCEPA program and its never-ending need for financial support, the Performing Arts Patrons Association (PAPA) established the Star Supporter program. PAPA supports the dedication and commitment of the faculty and staff to help each student succeed and thrive in the arts.

Individual and corporate contribution opportunities are available to support the myriad of financial need of the dance, drama, vocal and technical theatre programs. As a contributor, your name will be displayed in all our performance playbills for the current season through June. If your company has a Matching Gifts Program, you can make your individual contribution go even further!  If your donation is matched you will be recognized at the next appropriate level. All contributions are tax deductible, as PAPA is a 501(c)(3) organization.

Funds raised by PAPA have provided:

  • Meals for students and staff during after-hours rehearsals and performances, including dance concerts, drama performances, musicals, and vocal concerts and more.
  • Support for student programming including master, health and wellness and college prep classes.
  • Technical equipment for the theater and stage: including but not limited to cyc drops, microphones, lighting, backdrop curtains for college prescreens and video cameras.
  • Costuming needs: including but not limited to sewing machines, sewing notions, laundry supplies, and shelving. Costuming as needed for plays, musicals, vocal & dance concerts as well as all specialty performances.
  • Production costs: including but not limited to live musicians, virtual licensing, specialized technical elements.
  • Program marketing and PR needs as determined by the program each year.
  • Department and classroom supplies including but not limited to: chairs, mats, tables, whiteboards, hepa air filters, masks, back drop curtain for pre-screens, and technical support equipment.
  • PA logo items for students as determined by the program each year.
  • Student scholarships(Katie Grant Shalin) and professional development expenses.
  • Sponsorship and hosting of special events for students, faculty and families throughout the school year.

Names of contributors are listed in all performance programs for the current season through June each school year. If you are an individual making a donation, you can also make your gift go further if your company has a Matching Gifts Program.  If your donation is matched you will be recognized at the next appropriate level.

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Online donations can be made up to $1,000.  For any donations over $1,000 please make a check to PAPA with Star Supporter in the memo line and mail to:

Pebblebrook High School
991 Old Alabama Road
Mableton, GA  30126

Other ways to support CCCEPA can be by becoming a Seasonal Corporate Sponsor or by placing an advertisement in one of our show Playbills.  Click on the links below to learn more!



Become a Star Supporter!


Supersonic ($5,000 and up)

Pulsar ($2,500 to $4,999)

Super Nova ($1,000 to $2,499)

Melvin and Charisse Braxton, In Support of Niani Braxton, Class of 2023

Sean & Connie Cameron, In Honor of Colleen Cameron, Class of 2022 and Elizabeth Cameron, Class of 2019

Bill and Theresa Jasper, In Honor of Sydney Jasper, Class of 2023 and Audrey Jasper, Class of 2024

Forrest and Kit Robertson, In Honor of Lizzie Robertson, Class of 2022

Greg & Kristie Smith, In Honor of Mary Grace Smith, Class of 2025

The Tyler Family, In Honor of Mabel Tyler, Class of 2023


Luminous Star ($750-$999)


Rogena Miller, In Honor of Michelle Miller, Class of 2025


Heavenly Star ($500-$749)

Lisa Brooks, In Honor of Gabrielle Buford, Class of 2024

The Cossel Family, In Honor of MJ Cossel, Class of 2023

Angie and Robert Fowler, In Honor of Emily Fowler, Class of 2022

Dick and Ann Game

Dr. Dana Giles

The Suddeth Family, In Honor of Shayna Suddeth, Class of 2023

Proud Grandparents of Shayna Suddeth


Celestial Star ($250-$499)

Ashley & Wes Bunkley, In Honor of Megan Bunkley, Class of 2022

Scot and Nancy Chambers

Katelyn Gordy

Angie and Robert Fowler, In Honor of Emily Fowler, Class of 2022

Ms. Kimberly Harrell

Nevanne Hensley-Thomas, In Honor of Annie Thomas, Class of 2022

Kerry Pietrzak & Nancy Marcello, In Honor of Elvis Pietrzak, Class of 2023

Mindy & Matt Stanchek, In Honor of Alyson White, Class of 2024

Michael & Tomaree Tarpley, In Honor of Mikari Tarpley, Class of 2022

The Varner Family, In Honor of the CCCEPA Faculty & the Class of 2022


Radiant Star ($100-$249)

Heather Edens

Kathryn Gleeson

The Hemric Family, In Honor of Layla Hemric, Class of 2024

Leroy Tre Hutchins (Alumni) Cobb County Board of Education

Levine Family, In Honor of Sara Ann Levine, Class of 2024

The Miller Family, In Honor of Mikari Tarpley, Class of 2022

Tom & Maxine Miller

Derron and Patricia O’Connor, In Honor of Josiah O’Connor, Class of 2022

Selah Simmons, Class of 2023


Brilliant Star ($50-$99)

Lauren Kidd

Yasmeen Sherow, In Honor of Kaylah Sherow


Shining Star (up to $49)