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Why is my friend singing the Happy Birthday song in the restroom?

By Melanie Faser

We will endeavor to answer that important question but first –  we want to extend our thanks to everyone who donated items like anti-bacterial wipes and hand sanitizer as part of PAPA’s Flu Fighter drive on August 13th!  Our performing arts teachers are very grateful to be armed with all the supplies.

Because our CCCEPA kids are in extremely close contact with one another throughout the school day and during rehearsals and performances, flu/cold germs can and do spread rapidly.  Please encourage your student to wash or sanitize their hands frequently throughout the day, get plenty of rest and water and be vigilant about good nutrition/vitamins.

Make sure they know that hand washing should last for a full 20 seconds!  Need a timer?  Hum the “Happy Birthday” song from beginning to end twice.  Then and only then will your hands be adequately washed according to our friends at the CDC.  Let’s all stay healthy together!

Additional note for dancers: Don’t forget that dance clothing must be washed after a single day of use to help avoid the spread of germs among other things.  Students should be washing leotards, tights, and dance belts with a liquid detergent like Woolite in the sink if machine washing is not available.

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